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Do you think people should drink bottled water or tap water?

- Jackson, 10, Yellowknife
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A message from tommy

I think we should drink tap water because it comes from the lake and it is much cleaner and truck drivers dont have to waste gas bringing the water to the grocery stores. It is bad to waste gas because of pollution.

tommy , 7, oak park

A message from smriti

people should drink bottled water because tap water is not not that filtered than the bottled water. the bottled water is more safer than the tap water so i think we should drink the bottled water

smriti , 11, sikkim

A message from Ryan

Tap water - bottled water is mostly a waste of money, and 25% of bottled water is just tap water in a bottle. More importantly, water needs to be rationed - nobody should have more than 100 litres of water every day. This includes bathing, washing dishes, watering lawns, etc.

Ryan , 13, Calgary

A message from Mehak

I think that we should drink botteld water because that water gets really clean and fresh.

Mehak , 11, Auckland


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