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How would you feel if a garbage dump was located down the street from your house or apartment?

- Suggested by EcoBob
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A message from tasneem

i would tell the police

tasneem , 9, calgary, Canada

A message from amanda

i think that it should not be nere anyone home or apartment inhuman and i think they should stop polooting our planet hasn't anyone heard of recycling

amanda , 14, indianapolis, United States

A message from Sophie

I would not live there i would be crazy and unhappy very unhappy u should recycle!!!

Sophie , 8, England, United Kingdom

A message from laura

i would feel sad becuse if it was by my house i would of have it pick up the litter.

laura , 12, port neches, United States

A message from kay

very mad

kay , 10, tx, United States

A message from shailea

i would feel like it was hurting the earth and i would gather up some friends and neighbors and clean it up and recycle and turn the ot into something useful other than a dump!

shailea , 10, benton ville, United States

A message from keamber

I would feel kind of lucky and then kind of not

keamber , 9, americus, United States

A message from alex

that would be gross and stink a lot!

alex , 10, McKinney, United States

A message from Delaney

i wouldnt like smelling garbage all day... i would want to move so bad.. and there would be so much flies i wont hate it!!!

Delaney , 10, Toronto, Canada

A message from emma

i think having a garbage dump in an alley is ok but having a grabage dump does not mean we will all use it but it could help us keep our street tidy but if we dont use it kids can come and tip all the rubbish out and then it will make more mess so it will need to be cleared every so often to keep in neat. in a way it is a good thing but in another way it is not .

emma , 13, harlow,essex, United States


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