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Why is it important that we prevent pollution?

- Suggested by Vivienne, 12, Singapore.
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A message from Karina

this website is so cool.i like this website because it is so educational. i have learned alot fo i dont think i would get left back.thanks alot Eco Kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karina , 10, Yonkers,New York, United States

A message from Jessica

dis ecokidsonline is cool!!!!! Ilike the website name.......Ill visit this site everytime!!!!

Jessica , 11, Milpitas, Canada

A message from Naeema

Pollution is one of the most serious problems.Polluted air can harm crops.Eating these crops can cause life-threatening illnesses.We are destoying the ozone layer which protects us from the harmful rays of the sun.If thearctic and the antarctic melt then there will be a terrible disaster because a lot of places will be flooded.We are endangering arctic and antarctic life.Water and soil pollutiopn threaten farmers' ability to grow enough food.Ocean pollution endangers marine creatures.We are not only harming the environment,we are also harming ourselves.

Naeema , 12, Kansas City, United States

A message from Erin

Polution adds to Global Warming. Our global temperatures have been increasing, and all of the trash we are producing is causing more green house gasses to escape into the universe, which adds even more to our heat problem. Also, we are turning America into one huge landfill! We buy more that we need, and end up throwing most of it away. Our economy depends on us to do that, but I don't think its a very good thing to do! Did you know that the U. S takes up 2/3 of the world's resources??? And since our President (George W. Bush) won't sign the Global Warming treaty, all the other countries in the world could reduce their impact, but it woudn't make even the slightest of a difference. We have a problem, and we need to fix it!

Erin , 13, Bellevue, United States


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