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Do you think it is possible for one person to change the world?

- Suggested by Hannah, 14, Toronto.
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A message from alida

We have been meeting as an EcoKids club at school and we think this forum is verycool! WE talked a lot today about the ripple effect and Bianca said that ripples DO change the world!

alida , ol, Edmonton

A message from adam

adam:more effort,more possibilities for change. julee:if you help it will help the envierment

adam , 9, Edmonton

A message from heather

Heather and sandy think that it is possible to change the world if you work together - two people can make a huge difference!!

heather , 8,

A message from eric

I think its possible to change

eric , 8, edmonton

A message from John

Yes, I think one person can change the world this is Duncan now and I think... one person can change the world because just one litttle juice box in the garbage could change the environment just a tiny bit but that's still change, right?

John , 8, Edmonton

A message from mikayla & zahra

I'm not sure.Could one person ask other people to help them or would that be called more than one person so it wouldn't count.

mikayla & zahra , 9, edmonton

A message from Iara

I think that it is possible for 1 person to change the world cause if you do anything good or bad it effects everyone

Iara , 9, Edmonton

A message from andrea

yes because if you have your part in Environmental clean-up,you can make a difference in the world

andrea , 8, Edmoton

A message from David

I think thay shood stop cuting down the rainforest as it is not good for the envarament.

David , 11, livingston

A message from Amber

In my personal opinion, I do beleive that we All should be veggies, save trees and recycle to make the world a better place! Lots of Love, Amber

Amber , 13, Campbellsville


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