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What ideas do you have for making your own Halloween costume?

- Keith, 10, Abbottsford BC
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A message from Heenu

I'm going to be a Tropicana juice can or a basketball net. Maybe a fork. I'm going to reuse and sew the boxes of Tropicana juice boxes I've been saving for months.

Heenu , 11, Brampton

A message from Jashandeep

hi i really am environmently friendly

Jashandeep , 1, tokyo

A message from alissa

i think that i would use my costume out of old cloth i would walk and not use car and some of the extra candy i would use the wrappers to make a neckclace so the wrappers wouldnt have to be thrown away.

alissa , 10, trinity

A message from alissa

i am going to make my costume out of paper and cardboard then i will decorate it and when i get finished trick or treating i will recycle it

alissa , 10, trinity

A message from RICH

just to say this website is the best

RICH , 10, whitestone

A message from RICH

well i would make something cool using flashlights and placing them on my costume

RICH , 10, whitestone

A message from Madison

I think we could use fabrics instead of buying those cute exspensive costumes. LOVE, Madison.

Madison , 9, talladega

A message from Anastasia

A good idea would be to not to use a car

Anastasia , 9, edmonton

A message from zach

well ide not put on so much plactic

zach , 9, edmonton

A message from maya

I think you could use old fabirics intead of buying new fabiric.You could use materials around the house if you want to add decoration you can use old parts of costumes.

maya , 9, edmonton


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