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How do you feel about the oil spill?

- Madison, 12, Peterborough ON
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A message from Shanice

I would be very mad and at the same time I would try to get people together to clean it out.

Shanice , 13, Everywhere

A message from Ray-Von

I think it should be cleant up NOW!!!

Ray-Von , 11, Oxford

A message from lanisha

I feel bad about the oil spill and many animals are dead now.

lanisha , 7, stephenville

A message from alex

awful! its really awful that people throw waste!

alex , 8, burnaby

A message from Sabrina

we should get together and help clean up this mess

Sabrina , 13, pensylvania

A message from bri

the oil was an accidant. its not like some one purposely dumped oil into the ocean. is it wrong? yes. is wrong to get charged for some thing you didnt do yes. i believe that we could do something about it. we could go out and help the people who need it with the oil spill in stead of us sitting on the couch watching it on the news. we sould do something about it.

bri , 13, christiana

A message from Dale

I feel that the oil spill is easily stopped all we really need is to try hard!

Dale , 9, Great Britian

A message from shealynn

im so sorry for all the sea animals from that oil spill how do u people feel about garbag in our world

shealynn , 11, Edmonton

A message from Millie

I think the oil spill has affected our oceans and seas. please make some kind of equipment to suck all the oil up. Its not fair to our environment and wildlife. Thats my say. :)

Millie , 9, Driffield

A message from megan

I am sad becase it is bad for the invriment

megan , 9, nafferton


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