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How would you feel if a garbage dump was located down the street from your house or apartment?

- Suggested by EcoBob
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A message from chelsea

i think it would b awful 2 have 2 smell all of that trash!!! i think people should recycle more and try not 2 buy stuff u dont really need so u dont take up a lot of space in ur trash can then we could use the land fer something more usefull like a national park or a sanctuary or maybe a shelter fer animals who dont have a home .

chelsea , 11, fort worth, United States

A message from RL

I think people should be taken to court for littering and animals should be given a chance to live in a litterless environment.

RL , 9, whitby, Canada

A message from Autumn

I think it will be gross and smelly. And then I could get some pepole to help us clean it up or we could do something about it.

Autumn , 10, Houston, United States

A message from alyssa

I would feel bad because not only does that street now look ugly but also because it takes away animals homes. Even though your taking away a little amount of space your still taking away their land and I don't think it's right.

alyssa , 10, geneva, Italy

A message from kaela

we need to recycle and let plants grow.

kaela , 8, davie, United States

A message from breayna

i would ask them to please move the dump somewhere elseand them to do something about the smel!lol

breayna , 12, yorba linda, United States

A message from breayna

i would have no problem cause its not like u live in it though it probably stink!

breayna , 12, yorba linda, United States

A message from jana 3a

Dear,eco kids, I think that the people who read this are supposed to clean the place where they play, live and also learn.

jana 3a , 8, calgary, Canada

A message from Ahmad

NO LITTERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahmad , 8, Calgary, Canada

A message from Haneen

I would dump it in their house,instead

Haneen , 8, Calgary, Canada


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