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Do you think we are killing the earth?

- Kat, 10, USA
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A message from genie

yes we r cuz we are littering and polluting our earh and rapidly its turning into a dump! try to be green i know what you r thinking everyone says the same thing but try it its really fun iv been green for 5yrs. all by my self cuz my parents dont really believe in being green but we need your help. TRY IT!!!

genie , 15, orlando

A message from genie

yes because with all the littering and the pollution we are damaging the ecosystem. What we need to do is help and be green i know what you are thinking everyone is telling you to be green but you cant or you parents wont support you well iv been green for 5 yrs. and with no help TRY IT you will succeed.

genie , 15, ontio

A message from zoe


zoe , 11, ALLOA

A message from Ellis

I hate hunters,Really hunters,Killing animals is waste,Killing animals dose not help you at all,What if tear down animal killers skin,They will have the same pain like the animals do,Some people kill animals just for fun,how if we kill them for fun,SHOW A LITTLE RESPECT FOR ANIMALS!!!

Ellis , 12, Dubai:AL qouz


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