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How do you help your family be eco friendly?

- Elsie, 12, London ON
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A message from Leah

show threm how u can change things..x good luck darling xxxx

Leah , 12,

A message from chloe

:turn of lights when not used :stop fosits from dripping :use 1 phone at a time :3 r's! (re-duce, re-use, and re-cycle!)

chloe , 8, santa barabra, california

A message from sophie

i think people around the world shold reduce reuse and recycle and go green to make the world a better place people and animals are in danger and we need to do something about it if we dont people and animals can die and i dont think we want that to happen.

sophie , 11, hamilton

A message from sterling

can you pick up litter at your local park?

sterling , 10, mansfield

A message from Michaela

You get a recycling bin or your help the Earth.!

Michaela , 12, Somersworth

A message from natalie

hi it is me again. i help my family To be eco friendly because when ever i learn something to help the enviorment i tell them Cause i like the worm in the apple because it shows something that iv'e seen in one of My Freinds Apple . I Dont Find Any Of These Game Fum !! !

natalie , 13, LondonDerry

A message from Jayden

I save water by turning off the sink when I'm brushing my teeth and I save electricity by turning off all of the lights when I leave a room.

Jayden , 11, Aubrey

A message from daija

i feal happy because my baby brother was born on friday and he is so cute but he cries to much and his name is aaron he loves m e and i love him love you aaron from sisy.

daija , 9, grandveiw

A message from Friday

This is such a good website for kids! Exspecially for my younger siblings!

Friday , 13, Des Moines

A message from piya

Well I help my family because we usually forget. Also my school (parkview) has trashless tuesdays and wastless wednesdays so i help pack my lunch!

piya , 8, windsor


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