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Celebrate World Teachers Day (October 5th) by telling us about your favourite teacher and why you think they're great!

- Ana, 10, Toronto
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A message from marie michelle

i think that all the people should recicle so the earth will stay alive.

marie michelle , 11, st.hubert

A message from Elijah

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Mollica. I like her because she is different then all the other teachers I have had.

Elijah , 11, Greenfield Park

A message from Joey

It sucks that the polar bears are endangered because they are losing there homes because the ice is melting.

Joey , 10, greenfield park

A message from Desmin

my favourite teacher is miss mcnamara

Desmin , 11, Greenfield Park

A message from marie michelle

all the people should recule so the earth will live longer and know one will die because of the polution

marie michelle , 11, st.hubert

A message from Vodi

Hi, My name is Vodi. I love science, my favorite teacher is Mr.Jones

Vodi , 12, knoxville

A message from Alex

Hi, My name Alex and my favorite teacher is my science teacher. His name is Mr. Jones. He teaches very well. I have learned a lot from him this year.

Alex , 11, knoxville

A message from Thao

My teacher is cool her name is Marisa Baldino. I think she's great and very funny in times =]

Thao , 12, Adelaide

A message from Morgan

i like having Mr. Lamb as a teacher.He is very fun!

Morgan , 10,

A message from katie

I love! It's awesome.

katie , 9, walnut creek


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