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Do you think people should drink bottled water or tap water?

- Jackson, 10, Yellowknife
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A message from Amanda

Bottled water as long as you remember to recycle it. Otherwise, we should drink tap water.

Amanda , 9, Oakland

A message from Adam

The people who are cutting down the trees are taking away a bunch of air from us.

Adam , 7, Oakland

A message from Amanda

The trees that are being cut down take a lot of oxygen from us and animal habitats. We can help by finding a fund and selling products like homemade bracelets and donating the money we earn.

Amanda , 9, Oakland

A message from Kolby

people shold recycle for the earth by going to the supermarket useing recycled bags.

Kolby , 6 , ontario

A message from dudette

ummm i think we'all should opt for bottled water coz tap might be impure or contaminated in ne way...! thatz my opinion..

dudette , 13, vancouver

A message from Bhumika

i think ppl should drink bottle water....coz it's harmless...and plastic can b's betta to drink bottle water than to drink tap water unless u filter it...coz u can get sick from the tap water if it's not clean.... STAY HEALTHY TO KEEP THE EARTH HEALTHY

Bhumika , 13, Mississauga

A message from Steph

Bottled water for sure. If every person in the world drinks tap water there would be no rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, or oceans! THAT WOULD BE HORRIBLE. SAVE YOUR WWOORRLLDD!

Steph , 9,

A message from astrid

hi my name is astrid and i think more poeople in the world should clean up there messes.

astrid , 7, dubai

A message from amino

more people have to come eco kids

amino , 12, helsinki

A message from neovo006

I'am really excited. Keep up the great work. I found lots of intresting things here.

neovo006 , 34, Los Angeles


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