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Survey Says

by Westglen Earth Patrols — Westglen Elementary School, Edmonton, AB

Earth Patrols  in their community conducting an environmental survey.
Earth Patrols in their community conducting an environmental survey.

February 2010 — The Grade 6 Earth Patrols have been working for years in the school and the community promoting different environment action projects. They decided to do a survey to find out what the environmental concerns were and what the level of commitment towards that environment was. After modifying a survey from a Scholastic Environment Report Card, they set out to get their answers.

Earth Patrols went from classroom to classroom to explain the survey to students and staff. The surveys were sent home with the youngest student in each family. As the surveys came in, the students were rewarded with an Earth sticker. The Earth Patrols interviewed the staff members face to face. They got more information from that type of interview and enjoyed the format. Therefore they wanted to go and do more face to face interviews.

Westglen School is located close to 124 St Business Area in Edmonton and the two have always had a great relationship. The Earth Patrol decided to head over and complete more face to face surveys to find out what people in nearby businesses felt about the environment. The majority of the people were more than willing to not only share their answers but expand upon them as well. Merchants were pleased to see young people who were concerned about the environment. City TV (reporter Amanda Ferguson and shooter/Associate Producer Reid Wilkins) followed the Earth Patrols for about an hour during the afternoon and later shared the project on their news show.

In total 91 families, 15 staff and 25 business people were interviewed. Tallying the results was an interesting job as the Earth Patrols were able to confirm or adjust their assumptions. The totals were put in a table and then the data was transferred into pie graphs.

Each Earth Patrol was given a pie graph to “analyze” and write what trend they saw, what it meant to them and finally what action should be taken. They were happy to see that most people felt that responsibility for the environment was “my generation’s” job and that over 70% of people thought climate change was an extremely huge concern. Over 60% of people said they would do more than shop with reusable bags; they would strive to have energy efficient homes.

The results of the survey were shared in the school newsletter, with the 124 St Business Association and on a display on the Earth Patrol Board in the hallway. In general the Earth Patrols were pleased with the results of the survey and realized that the Westglen Community values their work and is committed.

Earth Patrol’s Environmental Survey Results

We did 131 surveys and think the results are interesting and encouraging. Westglen is a very green community. Come see our display at school and check out the results below. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their opinions.

1. Who are you?

Westglen Family


Westglen Staff


Work on 124 St.


2. How good a job are you doing?





Needs Improvement




3. In 10 years, what will you be doing to     help the environment?

Hybrid Car


Vegetable Garden


Energy efficient home/business


Shop with reusable bags


4. What are you willing to do to stop global     warming?



Recycle bottles and cans


Recycle and change some habits


Whatever it takes


5. How important is global climate change?



Just a concern


Don’t know enough about it


Not important at all


6. What are you willing to do to reduce     trash?



Use less one use products


Start composting


Donate items you don’t need


7. What would you be willing to do for the     environment?

Volunteer and raise awareness


Recycle all paper, plastic & cans


Turn off appliances–when not in use


Nothing — it doesn’t matter


8. The environment is whose     responsibility?

Mostly government


Mostly scientists


Mostly my parents generation


Mostly my generation


9. How important are issues about water?



A concern


I don’t know enough


Not important at all


10. In the future will environmental       problems be better or worse?

Better — science will find a way


Better — people will change


Worse-people don’t care enough


No change — its too late


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What a great article! thats how we can save the planet!

Camille, NE
Posted at July 19 2011 at 5:30 AM EST

This is a great survey. I am going to use this survey in our community and report the results in our community and school newsletter. I hope to bring more awareness to our environmental issues.

Mary , NS
Posted at April 23 2012 at 5:53 AM EST

recycling is good so keep it up kids

meanari, GA
Posted at December 03 2012 at 7:53 AM EST

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