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Green Upgrade

by Hafsa Mercan, and Mrs. Blackwood’s Grade 5/6 Eco-reporters
Terrace Bay Public School — Terrace Bay, ON

transporting soil
The crew hard at work
The crew

Terrace Bay Public School has taken our 2011 garden ideas and extended it into an amazingly green new chapter for our outdoor education program. We started out with three raised garden beds and a small amount of seeds, and never thought that our hard work and determination would take us as far as a greenhouse.

Over the past year we have accomplished many new things. We have decided to add a greenhouse; another raised garden bed, and a garden for our potatoes. The third garden bed will provide us with extra room to expand our garden and try to plant new types of vegetables.

The greenhouse was built by the Grade 10/11 students of our neighbouring high school - Lake Superior High. Mr. Langois, and his technology students designed and built an 8’x 10’ beautiful greenhouse that will allow us to start our vegetables earlier and have a longer growing season. It was really exciting to see the students put the greenhouse together right in front of our eyes. Some of the builders were even graduates of TBPS! Special thanks go out to the students of Lake Superior High School’s tech. class for helping us build and put up the greenhouse.

We would also like to thank the Elementary Teachers’ Federation for giving our school a grant to expand our school garden. We look forward to learning outside.

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Well done!


Harnoor , ON
Posted at June 25 2012 at 5:54 AM EST

sup so coool man

Posted at February 27 2013 at 12:17 PM EST

Good gob

Ethan, GA
Posted at May 15 2013 at 6:25 AM EST

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