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Sing Along at Ribbit Pond

Are your ears tuned into frog talk?

Sometimes it's hard to spot frogs. They like to hide from people. You will probably hear a frog before you ever see one.

Male frogs do most of the talking. The best time to listen for frog calls is in the spring and summer. Some of the reasons frogs call are to: attract females; and to tell other frogs that there is danger close by.

Each kind of frog has a different call. The sound might be a whistling, croaking, laughing, or popping sound. Visit Ribbit Pond right here on your computer.


It's springtime at Ribbit Pond. There are 4 frogs happily sitting around in the sun. Pick the level you want to try. Each level is a bit more difficult than the last one.

Click on the frogs, one at a time, to hear what they sound like. When you think you've learned what each frog sounds like, click on Start.

Your job is to click on the frogs who called in the same order you heard them call. It starts off easy, only one frog calls. Click on the frog that called. If you're right you will hear two frog calls. If you click on the frogs who called in the same order you heard them, you'll hear three frog calls... you get the idea.

All frog calls from the CARCN Internet site, courtesy of Dr. David Green.

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