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Math Riddle Madness

Figure out the froggy riddle and impress your Math teacher at the same time!

It's easy.

  • There are 13 math questions to solve.
  • To answer a question: click on the question you want to solve. Type in the answer and click "Test". If you are right, our froggy helper will show you your mystery letter. If you're wrong - just try again or move on to another question.
  • At the bottom of your screen are a bunch of empty boxes. Each box is a space for a letter in the frog riddle. Under each box is a number. These numbers match up with the answers to the math questions.
  • When you get an answer right, look for matching answers below the boxes. Click on each box with a matching answer and type in the mystery letter that goes with the answer - you have to do one box at a time.

Each math question you answer will take you one hop closer to solving the froggy riddle. Good Luck!

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