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Leap In and Learn About Frogs

You can help keep the planet healthy, and save frogs
green frog

Frogs are gross, green, slimy creatures that can give you warts! Right? -- Wrong!

tomato frog

Frogs are cool creatures! Some frogs are green but they can also be brown, gray, yellow, red or even blue!

Frogs are not slimy and no, they won't give you warts. They can be the size of your thumbnail or big enough to eat a rat.

Who came first?

Dinosaurs or frogs?


More than 350 million years ago, fish-like amphibians moved onto land. When dinosaurs came along, frogs, toads, salamanders and newts had already been around for 150 million years.

Scientists think there are between 2 700 and 3 900 different kinds of frogs and toads around the world. They live on every continent, except Antarctica. They can be found living in wetlands, deserts, rainforests, mountaintops, and the list goes on.

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