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Northern alligator lizard
Common Name:

Northern alligator lizard

Scientific Name:

Elgaria caerulea

Unique Qualities:

Thenorthern alligator lizard is olive brown or gray with a few or many small dark spots. It has dark vertical lines on the belly. They can grow up to 25 cm in total length, which includes their tail which is about half of their total length! They are more active in cooler weather than other snakes, which explains their presence in Canada.

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Can be Seen:

They can be seen across much of southern British Columbia from west of the mountains to Vancouver Island. To the south it’s found along the coast to California.

Likes to Hang Out:

Northern alligator lizards like to hang out in open wooded areas and sometimes grassland areas. They are not found under bark or rocks.

Likes to Eat:

Northern alligator lizards are carnivorous and like to eat animals like insects, spiders and snails.


This species is plentiful across British Columbia and is not at risk.

Map credit: The northern alligator lizard habitat map is Copyright Earth Day Canada and uses a map by Planiglobe. The original map is licensed under a Creative Commons Attibution 2.5 license.

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