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Arctic lupine
Common Name:

Arctic lupine

Scientific Name:

Lupinus arcticus

Unique Qualities:

The arctic lupine is a bushy herb (15-50 cm) with tall, hollow stalks covered in long smooth white hairs. The leaves are made up of pointed leaflets that look like fingers of a hand.

Can be Seen:

They can be seen in northern Canada, especially in the Yukon region. They survive well in the colder tundra climates, too. 

Likes to Hang Out:

Arctic lupines like to hang out in open areas (including gravel). That’s why they can be seen along roadsides. They also like high elevations, meadows, and fields.

Benefits of the Plant:

The arctic lupine is poisonous when eaten, protecting itself from potential predators. In fact, the word “lupine” comes from the Latin word “lupus” meaning wolf because it was believed that these plants destroy the soul!


Arctic lupines adapt well in cold climates and can enrich soils that have low nitrogen levels (nitrogen is needed for the plant’s survival), so they are not being threatened right now.

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