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Common Name:


Scientific Name:

Odobenus rosmarus

Unique Qualities:

Walruses are large and heavy animals with cinnamon-brown skin, which turns lighter as they age. They are easily recognized by their large ivory tusks, which they use for protection, killing and eating. Male walruses can often weigh up to or greater than 1,700 kg! They usually live for 40 years.

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Can be Seen:

Walruses can be found on the coastal areas of eastern Canada and Greenland. Different species of walruses live in different areas so chances of interbreeding is rare.

Likes to Hang Out:

Walruses usually hang out in sea ice that is not more than 80 metres deep. They spend about two-thirds of their life in the water and prefer a habitat with a gravelly bottom. When they come up from the water, it’s usually only to rest and bear young.

Likes to Eat:

Walruses like to eat mollusks and clams. They also eat many other kinds of invertebrates such as worms, sea cucumbers, and other soft-bodied animals. Walruses may occasionally eat fish and if food is really scarce, they may hunt and eat young seals.


The total world population of walrus is 250,000. They are on the endangered species because in the past they were frequently hunted for their tusks.

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Map credit: The walrus habitat map is Copyright Earth Day Canada and uses a map by Planiglobe. The original map is licensed under a Creative Commons Attibution 2.5 license.

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