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Yellow-spotted salamander
Common Name:

Yellow-spotted salamander

Scientific Name:

Ambystoma maculatum

Unique Qualities:

They are large, blackish salamanders with bright yellow to orange spots decorating its upper parts from head to tail. In the early spring, large numbers of these salamanders travel to breeding ponds to mate. The rest of the year is spent mostly underground.

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Can be Seen:

You can find salamanders in regions ranging from south central Ontario to Nova Scotia, south to Georgia and eastern Texas.

Likes to Hang Out:

Yellow-spotted salamanders usually gather in woodland ponds or roadside ditches to breed.

Likes to Eat:

These salamanders feed on worms, beetle larvae and small insects that live in the leaf litter of the forest floor. The adult salamander and its larvae are hunted by fish, snakes, crows, muskrats and larger mammals such as foxes and even bears.


The yellow spotted salamander is currently widespread and locally common. However, habitat loss and pesticide use may reduce numbers in populations.


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