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Get Energy Wise!
The ability to do work
We all use energy every day of our lives.

Energy is all around us. We see it as movement, heat, light, sound, and more.

a stoveEnergy makes electricity so that we can turn on lights, watch TV, listen to the radio and run fridges, stoves, other appliances and electrical gadgets.

Energy can heat or cool our homes and schools. Energy moves our cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, planes and trains. Energy lets us make all kinds of things like shoes, CDs, books, computers and scooters.

carPeople using energy to do work for them (and to play) is nothing new. Energy has been used for heat and to cook food for thousands of years. Since the Stone Age, fire has been used to provide heat and light.

In ancient times people used wind to sail their ships and grind grain. A hundred years ago falling water was used to make electricity. Over time we have learned to get energy from a number of different sources and use it in new and different ways.

Today, fossil fuels supply more than 90% of the world's energy.

More Info: The connection between enrrgy and climate change. What you can do about it.

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