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Tree Ring Study

Above is a cross-section of the tree Dr. Fir was studying. Below the cross-section is a page from Dr. Fir's report. There are 6 pieces of information missing.

To finish the report, fill in ALL of the missing information. Beside each piece of missing info is a pencil. When you click on a pencil 3 possible answers will come up, click on the one you think is right. When you have filled in all of the missing info click on "Submit Report".

If any of the info you filled is wrong and/or you missed filling something in, you won't be able to submit your report. Keep trying!

For some helpful hints roll your mouse over the tree's cross section. You'll see that Dr. Fir has marked important spots on the tree with pins. You can also go back to his assistants' notebook by clicking the back button.

If you finish the report correctly you become an official EcoKids Online Tree Scientist. For your awesome work you can put your name in the 'Forest of Fame' and get a certificate to print out."

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