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Tree Ring Analysis

Welcome to the Laboratory of Dr. Douglas Fir!

Dr. Fir is a paleoclimatologist (pail - e - oh - cly - ma - tall - oh - gist). Boy that's a mouthful! This means he studies what the climate was like in the past.

For his latest project, Dr. Fir and his lab assistant have been studying the growth of trees. They were almost finished his report for the last tree when they were called away on important business. You can help Dr. Fir out by finishing the report.

If you fill in the report correctly, you can become an official EcoKids Online Tree Scientist! You'll earn a spot in the Forest of Fame and get a certificate.

Before you start, you will need to look in Dr. Fir's assistant's notebook for some helpful info.

Why does Dr. Fir study what the climate was like in the past?

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