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People plnting trees

Be Sure To Have The Essentials

  • Shovels to dig holes and buckets to carry trees and water.
  • Proper footwear (avoid sandals) and clothing (long pants, short-sleeved shirt, sweater and raincoat, hat and work gloves) and sunscreen.
  • Nourishment (a full day’s work requires a hearty lunch and lots of cold drinks).
  • Shelter to protect people and equipment from rain or hot sun.
  • Washroom facilities.

Be Good Tree Planters

TAKE YOUR TIME. Don’t rush to plant hundreds of trees. It is better to make sure that a few trees are planted carefully and are well-cared for. Start small and manageable and grow in stages.

Have Fun!

Enjoy your site—now and in the future. Gradually transform the ugly, barren, unused asphalt sprawl of your school ground (or community area) into a place of beauty, inspiration and education. Enhance your students’ learning experience by incorporating your green, ecological outdoor classroom into all subjects of your school’s curriculum.

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