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Climate Change Puzzlers

Test yourself and your friends. Will you be PUZZLED?

Puzzler 1.

Indigo had an astronomy project to do. She was very excited because her father and she were going to camp out all night to watch the stars. They would look for everything on her project checklist. Indigo knew that this was the best night to do it because it would give them them most star watching time. Her project was due thirteen days later.

When was Indigo's project due?

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Dancing Kids
Puzzler 2.

Alexander wants to hold the best party for all of his friends. He wants the party to last all day and all night, but his mom said they can only play their music until it gets dark.

What date should he hold the party?

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Puzzler 3.

FarmThe McBrides are farmers. At 5:50 am they opened their door, one early October morning, to breathe in the fresh scent of autumn. Mrs. McBride stepped out on to the porch stairs and WOMP! she landed flat on her bottom.

"Well, that'll be the end of the season for the crops," her husband said, as he helped her stand up and looked down at the porch stairs.

How did Mr. McBride know that the crop season was coming to an end by what happened that morning?

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