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Ecoclimates of Canada

1 Arctic 6 Transitional Grassland
2 Subarctic 7 Grassland
3 Boreal 8 Temperate Deciduous Forest
4 Cool Temperate 9 Cordilleras/Pacific Coast
5 Moderate Temperature

Explore Canada's Ecoclimates by clicking areas of the map with your mouse.

Do the Ecoclimates quiz to find out how scientists think climate change could impact Canada's Ecoclimates.

Click on the question mark to start the quiz. There are six questions. Some are multiple choice - click on a letter. Some are true or false - click on true or false.

When you have gone through all six questions you will be able to see how the Ecoclimates of Canada could change over the next 100 years because of climate change.

Click on the notebook for some information about climate change - it might help you with the quiz.

"Use your EcoSmarts to find out how Canada's environment could change if the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is doubled."

Map from: Environment Canada. (1997) The Canada Country Study: Climate Impacts and Adaptations National Summary for Policy Makers. p 22. It has been reproduced with the permission of the Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2000.

It has been simplified for EcoKids.


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