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Planet Protectors

Carbon dioxide is taking over the world!

Only You can stop it from warming up the world too much and changing the face of the planet forever.


Your mission: reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being put into the atmosphere by things people do before the average temperature of the Earth warms up to 18°C.

On your screen you will see the Earth and its atmosphere from space. To the right is a thermometer that reads 15°C. This is the average temperature of the Earth.

  • Sail Boat
  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Sport Utility Vehicle
  • Windmill
  • Solar power
  • Natural gas
  • Coal
  • On/Off switch
  • Plant a tree
  • 'Green' factory
  • Full Shopping Cart
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Mission Briefing

Question mark iconClick for facts about the greenhouse effect and things people do that makes CO2. This info could help you save the planet.

Start Mission

Exclamation mark iconClick to start your mission. When your mission starts, you will see something on the Earth. It is something people do that puts CO2 into the air (code name: 'polluter').

As the atmosphere starts filling up with CO2. you will see a red glow around the Earth. That's because it's getting warmer. Keep an eye on the thermometer as you play.

When your mission starts you will also see pictures of things that can be done to REDUCE the amount of carbon dioxide being put into the air (code name: 'CO2 Fighters '). Watch out! - there might be some 'polluters' there too.

To stop the temperature from going up, click on all of the 'CO2 fighters' that can reduce the amount of CO2 coming from the 'polluter' on Earth.

When you pick a right answer, a green dot will light up above the thermometer. If you pick a wrong answer, a green dot won't light up and any green dots you had will disappear. You get another chance to pick the right 'CO2 fighters'.

When you have picked all the right CO2 fighters for a polluter the temperature will stop going up. And, an important message will open up. There are still 2 more polluters to face. Click continue when you are ready.

Your mission ends when: You have picked all the right CO2 fighters for each polluter, or the temperature gets up to 18°C.

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