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Switch off! A Pollution Solution is all about fun, learning and making a difference!

Climate change affects everything on the planet. In our everyday activities Canadians use fossil fuels to power our vehicles and industries, and heat and cool our homes, schools and workplaces. Burning coal, oil and natural gas produces greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Fast Fact:

Each day idling engines release eight million kilograms of greenhouse gases into our air.

— Natural Resources Canada

Switch off! is an anti-idling teaching resource that provides students students with an opportunity to:

  • Take positive action on climate change.
  • Make a difference in their community.
  • Feel empowered that they can have an significant impact on climate change.

The primary goals of Switch off! are to have students evaluate current conditions through scientific investigation and learn about the contribution idling vehicles make to the production of greenhouse gases. In addition, students will witness the impacts of their own efforts to educate the school community about switching off.

The Switch off! program is simple in that it offers activities that can be done alone or in combination with others. The idea is to have students:

Learn how you can reduce your idling habits
with this great new game:

Errand Run

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