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Posters are a powerful tool for building awareness and can contribute to changing the habits of those who idle engines in your school area. Posters are also a great creative learning opportunity where students use images and words to present their messages, thoughts and feelings about something that affects them.

We recommend that you create a display of Switch off! posters as part of your Earth Day celebrations. Weather permitting, they can be displayed outside where vehicle drivers, the primary audience you are trying to reach, can see them. If not, a poster display indoors in the school corridors is a great alternative.

The Present-Your-Point poster activity can be a class project with or without a contest. The contest element of the poster exercise is suggested as a way to create interest and energy both in your classroom and in the school. We have simplified the process and provided contest organizers with all the materials you will require.

This activity includes:

  • Instructions and background information.
  • Poster Contest Guidelines to help you manage the contest.
  • Judging criteria and ranking forms.
  • Simple poster identification labels for the poster display.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons (printable).
  • Suggestions for recruiting prizes, if you wish to have more than ribbons.

Check out some examples of posters created by Prince of Peace Catholic School in Scarborough, Ontario (click a poster to enlarge it):

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