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Check out these sites to learn even more about the topics listed below.

Check out these sites to learn even more about the topics listed below.

  • Wildlife
  • Climate
  • Energy
  • Renewable Energy
  • The North
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Land Use
  • Earth Day

Collection of the world’s best wildlife films and photographs to profile the world’s endangered species, with the aim of educating, inspiring and encouraging kids and adults to conserve the planet’s biodiversity. ARKive collection comprises thousands of wildlife videos, images and facts on the world’s most endangered animals and plants.

Become one of A Thousand Friends of Frogs
Do you have a froggy question? E-mail it to some frog experts. See some frog art, find out more cool frog facts and much more.

Canadian Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Network
Find out how good you are at using your eyes and ears. ID frogs from across Canada by taking the Great Canadian Amphibian and Reptile Quiz.

Ducks Unlimited
Learn how to make a duck box or a bat box to give these animals a place to live in your area.

Ecology Global Network
This website offers a variety of resources for students such as Homework help materials, links, songs, contest, and more.

The Froggy Page
Lots of froggy stories and pictures. Meet some famous frogs (like Kermit), find out how to make an origami frog, and more.

Tonnes of froggy stuff! Strange but true frog & toad facts. Things you can do to help frogs. Learn what frogs are called in other languages such as Chinese, German and Hawaiian And much more.

Hinterland Who's Who
Learn about Canadian animals and their habitats at this cool site. There are also project ideas that you can do to help Canadian wildlife.

Hungry Frog
Math made fun! Pretend you're a frog and you're hungry. Answer the math questions so you can eat some bad bugs. (And impress your math teacher!)

The Kids Web
There's a tonne of froggy info on the internet. Hop around on your own internet investigation. Need some help with your search? Jump over to The Kids Web.

National Geographic Kids
This site is packed with animal facts sheets, games and can even read the latest kids’ news about animals!

Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History
Can you "name that frog?" Leap to this site and soon you'll be able to ID the frogs of Nova Scotia. GREAT photos!

The P.I.N.E. Project
The P.I.N.E. Project's mission is to inspire healthy, lifelong connections between people and nature through outdoor learning and play.

Toronto Zoo
Use your eyes and ears to ID the frogs of Ontario.

Virtual Creatures
(You will need the Java plug-in to visit this site.)
Go on a 3D tour of "Frog Island." How a frog sees, parts of a frog and how to tell different frogs apart are only some of the things you'll discover as you hop about in a frog's habitat.
or try the Jumping Frog java game

ARM Program
All sorts of resources for kids about Global Warming.

Climate Change Calculator: US EPA
Visit this site with your family and find out how many greenhouse gases you create.

Climatologist’s Toolbox
See what’s in a climatologist’s toolbox at this site full of science. Learn how scientists take Earth’s temperature, and what they think that temperature will be in the

Ecology Global Network
This website offers a variety of resources for students such as Homework help materials, links, songs, contest, and more.

Environment Canada: Atmosphere and Climate
Find fun stuff such as word games and quizzes about the climate. Get info and quick facts about climate, the greenhouse effect, ozone and more. Links to Environment Canada fact sheets on topics such as, "Reducing Smog" and "UV and You."

Environmental Protection Agency
Lots of info on global warming, climate, weather, how you can change climate and what you can do to make a difference!

Tiki the Penguin
Learn all about global warming from Tiki the penguin. You’ll find out how the greenhouse effect works, and what you can do to help stop the problem.

Calendar Clubhouse
The Calendar Clubhouse is a great place to learn about energy and the environment from NRCat himself. Click on the joystick to find some secret games! You’ll never know what you’ll find...

California Energy Commission: The Story of Energy- Coal, Oil and Natural Gas
Get the story on fossil fuels - coal, oil and natural gas.

Dr. E’s Energy Lab
Visit Dr. E’s energy lab to learn all about alternative energy sources, including solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy.

Ecology Global Network
This website offers a variety of resources for students such as Homework help materials, links, songs, contest, and more.

Energy Hog
Play top-secret training games as you work your way through the house, taking on the energy hogs one hog at a time. Get ready to save energy and beat the hogs!

Energy Information Administration Kids Page
Hosted by "Energy Ant" this is a good site with basic information on fossil fuels and renewable energy. Don't miss the quizzes and fun facts.

Energy Quest
Click around this site for some fun games and facts about energy. The site is created by the California Energy Commission so don't be surprised when you see lots of US stats.

Milton Hydro: Power Kids Page
Fun games, quizzes and info will help you learn all about electricity.

Rapid City Journal
This site offers a guided tour to EcoKids’ web site and the EPA Environmental Club. You can learn about fossil fuels, the ozone layer and pollution. Along the way there’s a chance to play games and colour while learning about the environment.

American Wind Energy Association

Blow wind, blow... the wonders of wind energy

Energy and the Environment: Renewable and non-renewable energy sources
Learn about where our energy comes from!

Energy Hog
Become an official energy Hog Buster by stopping the Energy Hogs in your home.

Energy Kid’s Page
Learn about energy facts, energy history and different classroom activities.

Energy Quest
Exercises, games, puzzles, projects, activities and much more from the California Energy Commission.

Get Wise!
Learning how to make your home more water and energy efficient has never been more fun!

Kids Saving Energy
This website provides information about the renewable energy with energy action list!

Lose your excuse
This site has the activities and information you need to join the million of kids who are using energy wisely. So, stop making excuses and check this out!

Renewable Energy
The website discusses the most common types of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Policy Project

Sun Power — a bright idea!
Using solar energy to supply a million homes with energy would reduce CO2 emissions by 4.3 million tons per year, the equivalent of removing 850,000 cars from the road.

The Wind Energy Development Programmatic EIS Information Center

Union of Concerned Scientists: Citizens and Scientists for Environmental Solutions

What is renewable energy?
Renewable energy is a source of energy that can never be exhausted. Learn from where we obtained renewable energy!


Arctic Theme Page — National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Although it might not sound particularly interesting, this site has everything you could want to know about the arctic. Be sure to check out the continually updated photos of the North Pole!

Human habitation in North
People of the Polar Regions have adapted themselves to harsh conditions such as 24 hour darkness, severe winter storms and temperatures, and unpredictable food sources.

Polar Bears International
Great information about Polar bears and you can track them live!

Polar Bears — Sea World
Polar bears: what do they look like, what do they eat where do they live. On this site you will find the answers to these and other questions. For fun try out some "Wild Arctic Activities".

Polar Bear — WWF and Canon Kid’s Zone
Find polar bears all over the North! They track four polar bears with satellite collars on, so you can see exactly where they are! You can also play games on the website to learn about Polar Bears.

Ecology Global Network
This website offers a variety of resources for students such as Homework help materials, links, songs, contest, and more.

Environment Canada water page
Learn all about water from Environment Canada

EPA water page
Learn all about water from the EPA

Kid’s Special Reports Water Facts!
This website provides interesting facts about water and the water usage in North America. There is the same amount of water on the earth today as when the Earth was created. The water that the Dinosaurs drank went back into the earth and might just be the water you are drinking today!

Ontario Ministry of the Environment — the drinking water adventures of Danny Droplet
Play cool games and learn all about water following the adventures of Danny Droplet.

Water Quiz
Try the UN Water’s a little tricky so make sure you check out the interactive picture at the beginning for some helpful clues.

Water Trivia facts and fun facts about water!
Forty-five interesting facts about water and how important water is to living being.

Water watch — Protecting natural water flows
TThis website includes music, Columbia River trivia, a matching card game, a food web game, an Endangered Species coloring book, and much more!

The 3 R’s in New Brunswick — NB Government
Find out all about recycling in New Brunswick, Canada.

This website offers a variety of lesson plans, tips and information on Ecological footprint.

Ce site Web offre une multitude de ressources sur l’empreinte écologique comme des plans de leçons, de l’information, etc.

Manitoba Association of Regional Recyclers
Find out all about recycling in Manitoba, Canada.

Raven Recycling of Yukon
Find out all about recycling in Yukon, Canada. Check out the Kids Recycling Club!

Recycling and Beyond
Take a look at this great site that has stories, games and lots of information about composting, reusing and recycling for grades four to eight.

Recycle City
Take a tour of the Recycle City and learn all about reducing, reusing and recycling. Play the Dumptown Game and see how clean you can get the city by using the three R’s.

Recycling Council of Alberta
Find out all about recycling in Alberta, Canada.

Recycling Council of British Columbia
Find out all about recycling in British Columbia, Canada.

Recycling Council of Ontario
Find out all about recycling in Ontario, Canada.

Recycling — Prince Edward Island Government
Find out all about recycling in P.E. I., Canada.

Waste Reduction Council of Saskatchewan
Find out all about recycling in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Recycling and Waste — Nova Scotia Government
Find out all about recycling in Nova Scotia, Canada.

All about Wetlands
Go wild for the wetlands. Games about mangroves, catchments, stormwater, wetlands and groundwater issues.

Calculate the age of the tree!
It is easy to calculate the age of a tree by examining a cross section of the trunk and counting its rings.

Environmental Directory
A huge environmental organization web directory.
A wonderful, colourful site of forest-related information.

The Forest Action Network

Forest Products Association of Canada
An educational site about forests and forest-related products sponsored by the Forest Products Association of Canada.

Forest Stewardship Council Canada
There are over 28 million hectares of FSC-certified forests in Canada; an area about the size of Italy or half the size of France.

Global Forest
"Global Forest promotes conservation of natural resources for future generations by providing meaningful results to corporate and governmental decision-makers and by sharing the wonders of science & nature with our children."

GF Awesome
Tons of amazing and gross facts about nature and the environment around us, revealing the mystery of the world's wild forests!

Mountain Pine Beetle a quiet terrorist in our forest!
The mountain pine beetle, smaller than a grain of rice, plays an important role in forest renewal. Mountain pine beetles are killing forests not just trees. The hot, dry summers and mild winters of recent years have led to an explosion in the population of this tiny insect. The forests in western North America (mostly British Columbia) are jam-packed with mature pine trees; the favorite food of the mountain pine beetle.

Paper University
Paper University has everything you every wanted to know about paper, with great facts, fun games and links to other cool sites about paper.

Rainforest Action Network
The kids’ section of the Rainforest Action Network site.

David Suzuki Kids
Learn about the 10 things you can do to help nature. It’s easy and you can start today.

Earth Day Canada
Take a look at all of the different programs that Earth Day Canada runs throughout the year. Find out ways you can get your local community involved in becoming more environmentally friendly!

Earth Day ideas!
Ideas about Earth Day activities, crafts, food and many more. Earth Day falls on Thursday, April 22, 2010--and it’s the 40th Anniversary of the holiday. It’s a great time to learn about our planet and how to take care of it! Be sure to visit our Earth Day crafts, coloring pages, and activities.

Earth Day Network
Learn about the variety of resources available to you as an environmentalist! Lots of climate change information and other current environmental issues. As well as ideas for the next April 22nd.

Earth Day — The Wilderness Society
A site dedicated to teachers and students about what to do for Earth Day events. Take an arctic tour if you have a little time. Don’t forget to check out the teacher’s lounge if you’re an educator.

Earth Day — US EPA
Check out how the Americans celebrate Earth Day. Lots of current environmental issue information.

Kids for saving earth!
Kids for Saving Earth is to educate, inspire, and empower children to protect the Earth’s environment.

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