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FAQs for Teachers and Kids


1. Why won’t my computer run some of your games?

In order to play EcoKids’ online games we suggest you have the following computer requirements

  • A 56k modem or higher (if you have a slower modem, certain games will not work or may take a very long time to download)
  • Quicktime and Flash installed on your browser (this will allow you to view most of the site and play some of the games. You can download them here for free
    (Note: Always remember to ask your parents for permission before you download anything new onto your computer.)
  • A minimum screen size of 800x600 pixels.

2. Who do I contact if I’m still having technical difficulties?

If you are having technical difficulties, contact the EcoKidsProgram Manager at or call us at 416-599-1991 x104 (in Toronto) or 1-888-283-2784 x104. Please make sure to clearly explain the problem you are having.

3. How often do you offer contests?

EcoKids can offer some contests throughout the year. Check back frequently to learn more.


1. What age group is EcoKids material appropriate for?

Our materials have been developed for elementary school children aged seven to12. However, our material is adaptable for older or younger age groups.

2. Who can sign up to access the free resources in the Teachers’ Lounge?

Any educator (teacher, after school care giver, or youth group leader) with internet access can sign up.

3. Do you have free resources for teachers?

Visit the resources section in the Teachers’ Lounge to find printables, lesson plans, the Eco-Calender and other resources that are free to download and reproduce for the purpose of education in a non-profit setting. You can also order free teacher resource packages.

4. I’m looking for new activity ideas for my class. Who can I contact?

Browse through the teachers’ lounge on We have tons of great activity ideas on the website. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, feel free to contact the EcoKids Program Coordinator ( or call us at 416-599-1991 x101 (in Toronto) or 1-888-283-2784 x101) for any program support you may require.

5. Can I reproduce and distribute EcoKids website material?

All EcoKids content is copyrighted and owned by Earth Day Canada, a national Canadian charitable organization.

Educators, in a classroom setting only, may reproduce and use all material found in the ”Downloads” and “Printables” sections of without permission. If you are an educator interested in reproducing or distributing any other EcoKids content, please send a request to including the following

  • School/organization requesting use of content
  • Purpose of use
  • Scope of use (i.e. send to all science teachers from my Board of Education).

If you are a business, corporation, not-for profit group, governmental group etc. please send your request to use/reprint our material to

Under no circumstances can any EcoKids material be used for mercantile purposes without the expressed written permission of Earth Day Canada.

We will do our best to get back to you within a few days of your request.

6. Do you do presentations at schools?

EcoKids staff do not usually deliver presentations at schools. However, we provide an extensive list of guest speakers located across Canada. Please take a look at our Guest Speakers List in the Teachers Toolbox.

7. I’m trying to log into the Teachers’ Lounge, but I can’t get access.

If you signed up and confirmed your registration, you should be able to log into the Teachers’ Lounge using your email address. If you are still not able to access the site, please contact the EcoKids Program Coordinator at

8. What do I do if I’m moving schools, retiring, going on parental leave or taking a leave of absence from my school?

You can update your information by clicking on “my account” located in the top right menu in the Teachers’ Lounge. If you are leaving or retiring, you don’t need to do anything. Your account will automatically expire on August 31st.

9. How do I find out about other Earth Day Canada programs?

Visit Educators in the greater Toronto area may be interested in our EcoMentors program for high school students.

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